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Offloading Station

The client is Kuwait Energy. The Offloading station Extension project is situated in Block 9, north Basra; which is an EPC (Engineering, procurement and construction) project.

Our teams did the design for civil, mechanical and electrical designs for this project. Civil engineering includes casting tanks foundations and other civil works; as for the mechanical part; the scope includes constructing and extending a pipes network, for fire water system and crude oil system. In addition, fabricating 3 oil tanks (150,000 L), 2 water tanks (50,000L); and 3 smaller tanks.

In addition, we will supply and install a number of different centrifugal pumps to pump crude oil to the main production line.

The main challenge in this project is meeting a tight time schedule, which is something we're all confident of achieving.

MSK IRAQ Work in The Offloanding Satation
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