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Asaad Adnan
Project Director, Karbala Refinery

His Role is Interfering with Projects inside Karbala Refinery Projects, And Strategically oversee the Projects workflow from an executive level, He is also charged with managing team members and allocated resource for each project.
He is responsible managing Project Boards for 6 Projects inside Karbala Refinery Projects, Projects Include:

5 Pipelines Projcet

U/G Piping Project

Reverse Osmosis station

Workshops Project

Mess Halls Project

600 Carvans Project.

Previously, He was the manager for Al-Ahdab Pipelines project, With his Far sight and Strong Management skills, He was able to deliver the Project with Quality and on the time.

Satar J. Alaraby

Basrah Office Manager

With over 10 years' experience in logistical assistance and project support, Mr. Satar is currently MSK IRAQ Basrah Office Manager. His main duties are assisting site managers in Barsah by providing:

  • Finical Fund and Auditing

  • Equipment Supply

  • Manpower Supply

  • Materials Supply

  • General Logistics

Ahmeed Albasroki
Construction Manager

Completed a Master in Mechanical Engineering from India . Worked in CPECC as QA/QC Engineer then moved to work as QA/QC Manager with Khaerat MSK at Badra Oilfield for two years.

Engineer Ahmad also worked QC manager in Karbala Refinery. He was responsible for quality activities such as non-destructive testing NDT, welder qualification, welding procedure qualification and other mechanical tests for the pipeline, piping and storage tanks.

He is currently the GRE Construction Manager in Al Garraf Oilfield. Ahmad received many awards from international company during his work with Khaerat MSK.

Hadi Khalaf
Senior surveyor

Mr. Hadi joined MSK since establishment back in 2005, he was involved in all projects the company did, including pipelines, tanks, buildings construction, etc.

In addition, he maintain supervision of other surveyors within the company and work between several sites.

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